Connecting Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with the Google+ Social Media Network

July 16, 2012 | | Comments 18

Google+ iconPhotography is meant to be shared. We photographers need a supportive community to inspire our work and your best images deserve an appreciative audience. When we connect with peers, and mentors, we can learn new photographic techniques and surround ourselves with new sources for inspiration.

Google+ Wall Post Screenshot

Posting an image, and the back story behind the photo, is easy with Google+

Most of all, I love Google+’s clean interface. I love the way that Google+ can display photo albums and slideshows without any advertising or sidebar distractions. Google+ is designed to display high resolution photos without user interface distractions. This is a platform that wants you to share big high-quality photos, instructional videos, and concise articles. This is a platform that wants you to see great images, to learn, and to get inspired.

Connecting Google+ and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Together

Here are a series of video tutorials that I created on how to connect Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with Google+ via Jeffery Friedl‘s awesome Export to Picassa Web Plugin. Jeffery’s Lightroom plugin makes it easy to connect your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog with your Photo Albums at Google+ (Picassa). Adding this Publish Service plugin is the key to simplifying the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to Google+ interaction.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to Google+ Plugin Installation

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to Google+ Plugin Configuration

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to Google+ Uploading and Posting

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