David Marx’s “Landscape Photography Tricks for the 21st Century” Presentation

March 13, 2012 | | Comments 6

Star Trails Over Electric Peak

Star trails over Electric Peak. This image was created by stacking together a series of short exposures.

I gave a short presentation last weekend at the Shooting the West XXIV Photography Symposium in Winnemucca, Nevada. I was approached by a number of students after the lecture with request for more information on my methods for “virtual scouting,” time-lapse video creation, and star stacking techniques. If you are interested, you can download almost the entire presentation as a pdf file by clicking on this link:

21st Century Landscape Tricks

I did make two changes to my presentation after the lecture. First, I added active hyperlinks to all of the websites and applications that I discussed. This links are now included in the pdf! I also removed the demo movies to keep the file size reasonable. Just in case you want to see them again here are the videos that I showed during the lecture.

3D Sunset Predictions Using Google Earth Demonstration:

Time-Lapse Video Demonstrations:

Jim Goldstein Photographing the 4th Dimension eBookI recommend reading Jim M. Goldstein’s excellent eBook on Photographing the 4th Dimension-Time if you would like to learn more about time-lapse or star stacking techniques.

If you enjoyed my presentation please consider joining me for an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom seminars or a digital photography field workshop. Thanks again to the Shooting the West committee and all the awesome participants. I hope to see ya’ll again next year!


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