Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4’s New Map Module

January 09, 2012 | | Comments 12

What Does the New Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta Map Module Do?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v4 Beta Map Module

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta Map Module

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta introduces an awesome new way to search and organize digital photographs, making it easy to work with digital images and GPS data. Photographers using cameras that automatically record GPS data are going to instantly love this new feature. For the rest of us, assigning GPS data to your images without leaving Photoshop Lightroom is easy and there is no need for additional equipment. Simply clicking and dragging an image onto the map will “geocode” it with the appropriate GPS coordinates! Likewise, clicking on a map marker will instantly select the appropriate images, making sorting and searching a breeze. The new “Saved Locations” feature is a great way to search for images that were taken around a particular place. I demonstrate how to use this new feature, and the entire map module, to organize my images from Yellowstone National Park in this video tutorial.

The new Map Module is going to be a huge help for landscape and documentary photographers and anyone seeking an easier way to organize images of the natural world!

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About the Author: David Marx teaches digital photography workshops and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom training classes. David is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom and in Adobe Photoshop. David has lead workshops and seminars for the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, the American Society of Media Photographers, FirstLight Photography Workshops, and he teaches annually at the world-famous Blackberry Farm Resort. For more information on his Photoshop Lightroom training seminars and digital photography field workshops please visit You can also follow daily updates and see new images from David on Google+.

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  1. Seb says:

    Hi David,

    in my last post (see above) I mentioned the missing “image direction” feature in LR4 Map Module.

    There is a thread where people can vote fot this feature on

    I think this is a great thing to promote.


    • David Marx says:

      Dear Seb,

      This would be a nice feature. I would like the Adobe engineers to add the keywords panel to the map module too. My logic is that keywords and location data are both valuable search tools and it is inefficient to jump from map to library and back again and again. I hope that both our feature requests make it into Lightroom 5!

      David Marx

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m using my iPad 3 to record the track. It has a battery of great capacity when not using the screen. I’ve recorded my tracks for a long time. Thanks to your tutorial, I’ve recently geocoded 30 000 of photos from my trips.

    • David Marx says:

      Dear Andy,

      Apologies for the delayed response. I love the map module + track log feature. As you point out it makes bulk geocoding easy. Out of curiosity what app are you using on the iPad to create your gpx files?

      David Marx

  3. […] facebook, Picasa and Flickr that will do just that.  The new release of Lightroom 4 contains a Map Module powered by Google Maps.  I use Lightroom 4 to catalog all of my images so this has been a […]

  4. This website looks fantastic. As web designers we know how time consuming it is to create a nice website.

  5. Seb says:

    Dear David,

    This is really great news! And you are right abut you wished thre was more!

    In 2009 I wrote the article “Geotagging ist keine Spielerei” (Geotagging is more then just a Gadget) which made me a bit of a Geotagging Evangelist in Europe :-)

    There is much more power in Geotagging than lightroom will integrate now! I show you 2 online prototypes that students of a German University for Applied sienc did in 2010 with our help. (use google earth button in top right corner to translate)

    Tagging help by POI Data Bases
    – It could help tagging by finding POIs in a buffer zone around the pictures place. The user selects the POI names as a tagging help (like “St. Maria Church”, “Victory Monument”, …)
    – In combi with compass direction and focal length this would be even more effective. (see

    Filter Images by Light Moods

    – It could could filter potential “blue hour light” , daylight, night, moonlight, … images by gps data, date and time
    – Some Geotaggers allready include a compass: With that you can even filter “side light from left”, “backlight” frontlight, …
    ==> In combi this results in filters like “sunset in frontlight” (see:

    These are not all of my ideas.

    Unfortunatly lightroom 4 does not even support showing the compass direction on the map as far as I see :-(
    So let us hope, that lightroom will soon really join the geotagging idea in full power.

    Should I send you some pictures with image direction (compass info) to test in LR4B?

    I just produced a lot on testing a Solmeta Geotagger N2, N3 and Pro ;-)


    PS: I embeded your video here:

  6. I wrote a small guide on using LR4 with gps4cam for easy logging:

  7. Vi says:

    I am so glad Adobe added this feature to LR. I was using plugin to map photos before, but now all work will be much easier.

    • David Marx says:

      Dear Vi,

      I am delighted to see this feature too but I wish there was more. I wish that the Adobe team would add the Keywording Panel into the Map Module and I wish that there was a button to tie images from Lightroom’s Map to my Google Earth KML files. I would love to be able to click a button a jump from the image in Lightroom to a thumbnail on the Google Earth globe. If you would like to suggest these additions, and your own ideas, please join the discussion at

      I must say that the software engineering team does listen but it takes a lot of voices asking for the same thing before they are willing to spend the programming dollars needed to make it happen. Such is business…

      David Marx