Finding Your Best Photo with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s View Modes

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom View ModesThe “View Modes” in the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s Library Module are crucial tools for serious digital photographers. Each of the View Modes can be a huge help when you are sorting through your images seeking out your very best compositions. Carefully reviewing your captures, and identifying your best photographs, is a critical skill in today’s all digital world.

Serious photographers used tools like contact sheets, light tables, and loupes to hunt out their best captures back in the film day’s. Carefully reviewing your slides and negatives, and sorting out the winners, was a fundamental skill. The joke used to be “that you could tell a professional photographer from an amateur by the size of their trash can.” The nugget of truth contained in this old cliche is that professional photographers spend more time evaluating their work than amateurs.

Professional photographers take more time to hunt, sort, compare, and evaluate every frame until they find the very best one. Professionals are fussier and more demanding than amateurs when evaluating their own work. When the world shifted to digital photography the importance of sorting through out work hunting out the true winners did not change. Unfortunately, when we switched to digital capture our old tools like the light table were no longer useable. For a few years, identifying your best digital image was a cumbersome process. Now identifying your best composition is easy thanks to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s View Modes!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom View Modes with Labels

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom View Modes with Labels

In these four video tutorials, I explain how each of the View Modes–the Grid, the Loupe, the Survey, and the Compare view–can help you identify your best photographs. Each mode has its own strengths and often we need to use all four of them to critically examine our work. I urge you to master each of these tools and to use them daily. Nothing will make you a better photographer than carefully sorting through your daily work.

Grid View Secrets

Jumping Into The Survey View

Getting In Close With The Loupe View

Finalizing Your Choices With The Survey ViewM

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