Butterflies and Anvils: A Photographic Journal About Inspiration and Art

March 17, 2011 | | Comments 2

butterflies and anvils, a photographic journal about inspiration and art.

In a time where many publications are going all digital, Eileen Rafferty is keeping it old school…sort of. Butterflies and anvils,
a photographic journal about inspiration and art
is a new print publication full of photographs, creative writing, articles, artist portfolios and interviews, and musings on traveling the artistic path.

Here’s the high-tech part of it: You can preview the journal online and order a print copy at HP’s MagCloud website.

Eileen is both a creative artist and a skilled technologist, and it shows through in the journal. This is the inaugural issue, and there are plans to continue with quarterly editions, each with a featured artist.

This edition features the artist Elizabeth Stone.

The cost of the journal is $20 (plus shipping) which makes it more expensive than your everyday photo magazine. What you won’t find, however, is the same old “Taking Pictures in the Snow” article you find in every photo magazine every winter. If you’re ready to read something new and creative and enjoy the feel of a physical journal in your hands (as opposed to basking in the warm glow of your iPad display), you should give Butterflies and Anvils a try.

To find out more, follow @butterflyanvils on Twitter or check out the butterflies and anvils blog.

(As a brief disclosure, is an advertiser in this issue because we support Eileen in her endeavor to create a high-quality and accessible art publication.)


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