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September 03, 2009 | | Comments 125

I tutor a lot of photographers who have caused themselves trouble in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I see a lot of smart people who have caused themselvess a needless hassle by moving photos around their computer without thinking about the effects of their actions on their Lightroom database.

My Photo Library External Disk

My Photo Library External Disk

Months ago, I posted an article on how to move your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom catalog files over to an external hard drive. I am more convinced than ever that most photographers should store all of their photographs, and their Lightroom index files, on an external hard drive. In my opinion, this is one of the keys to maximum Lightroom happiness. You can read more about my storage ideas here.

It turns out though that moving your catalog file over to an external hard drive is pretty darn easy. Moving your actual images is a bit harder, but totally worth the effort. So for today’s video tutorial, I am going to show you how to move your photos from one hard drive to another without upsetting Lightroom. In fact, I’m going to make Lightroom do all of the “heavy lifting.” As a bonus, I’m also going to show you a little trick on how to create new folders from within Lightroom, and how to rename your folders.

My goal is to help you get everything over to your external hard drive while maintaining the integrity of your Lightroom database. As you will see in these video tutorials, there are some little tricks, but with Lightroom’s help moving folders from drive to drive is easy and I promise that we won’t loose anything.

Method 1: Moving Folders using Click and Drag within Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Method 2: Using the Find Missing Folder Command to Reconnect Folders Moved Outside of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Using the Find Missing Folders Command in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from David Marx on Vimeo.


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