Using the LR2/Mogrify Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to Create Borders

August 26, 2009 | | Comments 32

Nice border and logo thanks to LR2/Mogrify

Nice border and logo thanks to LR2/Mogrify

Today’s topic is on extending Adobe Photoshop Lightroom further with an export plug-in. From the factory, Lightroom is capable of doing amazing things, but it can’t do everything that I want when it prepares images for my email messages.

From the factory, Lightroom’s export panel has a preset for making images for email. While I appreciate this feature, I don’t think that the factory preset is powerful enough for my needs. So for today’s lesson, I picked a wonderfully useful export plug-in from Mr. Timothy Armes called LR2/Mogrify. You can find out more and download the free trial version here.

For a bit of background, plug-ins are little bits of computer code that folks generally outside of the Adobe paid programming team create. Plug-ins are created by brilliant programmers who fill a hole in the existing application. Generally, these cool tools are shareware or donation-ware.

As you will see in today’s video, I believe that presentation–the wrapping, framing, “the polish”: around an image–is almost as important as the image itself. Anyone can email a photo; but I believe that a professional photographer should send out something that looks a touch more elegant.

Lets be honest, doesn’t presentation help to create the perception of value? I want to send out email images that look a little bit more polished than what the average person sends. I want my images, and their wrappings, to create an appearance of professionalism and value.

This is where LR2/Mogrify comes in. With LR2/Mogrify I can add some great functionality into Lightroom that it just doesn’t have from the factory. With LR2/Mogrify, I can get place a border around my images and stamp my pixels with a custom watermark without having to visit Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Trust me, I love Photoshop CS5. I have been teaching class on Photoshop since 2002, but having to go from Lightroom to Photoshop and then on to my email program is just terribly inefficient. Lr2/Mogrify to the rescue. Please watch this video and check out Timothy Armes’s site to learn more about this super handy tool.

2010 Update: Timothy Armes has just released a new version of his wonderful LR2/Mogrify export plugin. I posted a video tutorial on this fantastic add-on a few weeks ago and I am excited to try out the new features. The newest version includes:

  • A new “Canvas” section for placing the (resized) image onto a fixed size canvas. Useful when images have to have a fixed size but you don’t with to crop them (such as for sending them to photo labs or displaying them on a digital projector).
  • Multiple different watermarks may now be added to an image.
  • PNG watermarks may now be scaled proportionally.
  • Watermarks can now be specified as a percentage of the width or height of the image while preserving the aspect ratio.
  • Horizontal/Vertical insets now work in each of the nine watermark positions.
  • The limit of 3 text annotations has been removed – add as many as you want.

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