Building a Metadata Preset for your copyright and contact information in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

November 21, 2008 | | Comments 19

Building a Metadata Preset for your copyright and contact information

Metadata is the key to organization in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Although there are dozens of individual metadata fields, I like to divide this type of information into two basic categories: generic information about the photographer and information that is image specific. Image-specific information includes fields like the camera’s shutter speed, the keywords that describe a particular photograph, or the location where the photo was taken. Since this information changes on a frame by frame basis we cannot completely automate the data entry process. Fortunately, we can teach Adobe Photoshop Lightroom how to automatically fill in the generic information like your copyright and contact information for every image that you add into your Lightroom Catalog.

We can teach Lightroom how to do all of this repetitive typing for us by building, and then using, a Metadata Preset. The Metadata Preset acts like a “rubber stamp” that Lightroom can use on each image to fill in the appropriate copyright / contact info fields. Building a Metadata Preset is a little tricky but trust me it is well worth your time. Before you watch the video tutorial please let me add that a single Metadata Preset is probably sufficient for most photographers. A single Metadata Preset that adds my copyright and contact info is all that I need but you can create as many metadata presets as you’d like. If you are a professional wedding photographer, for example, then it might make sense to build a new Metadata Preset for each wedding. A Metadata Preset that fills in all of the generic copyright information plus some specific details about each particular wedding might be a huge time-saver for someone who does this kind of work for a living.

Remember that just building the Metadata Preset does not accomplish anything. We need tell Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to use our new template on Import every time we add new images into our Catalog. The best way guarantee that your Metadata Preset gets used with every import, and thus every image, is to build an Import Preset right now.


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